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Winterizing Your Septic System

Winter weather is on its way, so whether you’re headed to warmer climates for the cold season or you plan to stick it out at home, taking proper care of your septic tank in Decatur, IL, is necessary to ensure you don’t get any unpleasant surprises with the arrival of spring. It’s important to remember that your septic system can freeze in subzero temperatures, which can happen during winters in Illinois and cause significant problems for your home. However, enough options are available to prepare your septic system for winter. If you have any questions, ask your local septic contractor, Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service, for assistance.

Have an Inspection Done

Having a professional inspection done for your septic system is always a good idea, and if you do it annually as recommended, the best time is the fall season. Our professionals at Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service advocate for this because we want our customers to prepare for the winter season and ensure their septic components are working correctly. Our professionals will check for leaks, cracks, or anything that could hinder its performance. We’ll also be able to advise you on whether or not it’s time to pump your septic tank. But, again, it’s usually a good idea to do so before winter arrives. Please trust our expert diagnosis; we promise to keep your home safe during the coldest months.

Winterize Pipes

Some people don’t like the cold months and prefer to travel during the winter season. If that’s the case and you’re leaving your home, you should drain your pipes to avoid them freezing and cracking. To do this, shut off the water main and open all your faucets to allow them to drain. Flush your toilets several times until the water ceases to fill the bowl and tank. Drain all your appliances, including the water heater, and empty your septic system’s pressure tank. Then, add septic-safe antifreeze and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If your furnace is left on, ensure it isn’t dripping water into your pipes. If you have any questions about preparing your home for winter while you’re out of town, don’t hesitate to call our professionals for advice at 217.428.3066.

Pump the Tank

Suppose you consult with our professionals at Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service. In that case, we may advise you to pump your septic tank before winter arrives, especially if you’re planning on being out of town for most of the season. Problems could develop if you’re not around to use your system regularly. When the cold weather sets in, it usually lasts for a significant time, which can cause any sewage in your tank to freeze. Then, when the temperatures start to warm up again, cold effluent will still leave your tank and get into your drain field, making it difficult for the soil to treat it properly. To schedule an appointment to pump your septic tank or for other recommended septic services, consider our team and contact us today!

Insulate the Drain Field & Keep Soil Undisturbed

Here’s some good news if you want to get out of doing certain outdoor chores. When September comes, we recommend you stop mowing your lawn and let the grass grow. This helps insulate your drain field and ensure your pipes won’t freeze. You can also spread leave or buy insulated blankets to accomplish this in another way. Be sure to keep traffic off the drain field, as disturbing the soil can push frost deeper into the ground, which could cause your pipes and tank to freeze. Don’t drive, walk, or plow snow over the drain field. Just let it be, and your system should be fine. For more tips, advice, or professional service, contact our team at Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service.

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