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When Something is Accidentally Flushed Down the Toilet

Flushing something valuable or obstructive down the toilet can feel like a disastrous situation. Whether your precious watch slipped off the counter or your child decided to flush one of their favorite toys down the toilet, this situation is actually a lot more common than it would appear.

Depending on what happens to the object after it is flushed, it may catch in the plumbing or go further down the line to the septic system. Addressing the situation and removing the object will be essential for avoiding costly septic repair later on. You can trust the experts at Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service to make the process easy.

What Will Happen If Something Blocks My Septic System?

If something gets flushed down your toilet and causes a blockage in the sewer drains or back-ups, big problems will occur. These obstructions can cause damage to the plumbing structure of your home or property. Pipes can break and begin to leak. If the blockage is far enough down the line, sewerage may be pushed far enough to leak out of your plumbing.

Addressing the issue as soon as possible with an experienced septic repair professional is essential. Luckily, there’s no shortage of skilled plumbers and septic maintenance experts in Decatur, IL to work with. Whether your Decatur, IL home needs septic system installation or sewer repair services, you can trust Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service for help.

How To Remove A Flushed Object

Stay Safe And Prevent Any Leaks

Before you start, you’ll want to take some precautions to make the process as clean and safe as possible. The best way to start is by reaching behind the toilet and turning off the water supply. This will prevent any overflows or spills. You will also need to open the tank and close the flapper (the rubber part on the chain).

Use Rubber Gloves And Reach Into The Toilet Trap

If you believe that the flushed object couldn’t go very far, wearing a pair of rubber gloves and manually removing the object might be your best bet. You can reach into the toilet trap by sticking your arm through the curved section in the bottom leading to the drain pipe. If you feel the object, gently attempt to loosen and pull it back up.

Use A Plunger To Loosen The Object From The Toilet Trap

If you find that the object still doesn’t seem to come back up, one of the best tools you can use is a common household plunger. You will need a plunger with a flange on the bottom for the best experience. You can also run the plunger under hot water before starting to tighten the seal. Plunge with the plunger for at least 20 or 30 plunges and see if the object dislodges.

Try Using A Drain Snake To Remove The Object

If you find that the object is still stuck in the toilet despite your best efforts, you can still try using a drain snake. These long chains are made to hook and tightly hold onto objects caught in drains, even when they’re embedded deep into the pipes. (Just make sure that you purchase a drain snake made for retrieving rather than dislodging!)

Trust The Experts At Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service

If you cannot remove the object from the plumbing yourself, it’s time to call the professionals. One of the best companies you can work with in Decatur, IL is Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service. We have years of experience providing skilled sewer repair and septic maintenance services to clients all across the city. No matter what kind of problem you’re faced with, the reliable team at Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service will stop at no end to find a solution. If you’re ready to see how working with the experts can make services like sewer cleaning and septic system installation easier, please feel welcome to reach out to our staff by phone at 217.428.3066 or through our contact form.

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