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An inside look at a grease trap in a commercial business that separates the oils and food debris for proper waste disposal and safety in Decatur, IL.

What is a Grease Trap? And Why Your Business Needs One

The food service industry is a booming business that continues to grow throughout the country. From five-star restaurants to local fast-food joints, the food prep process can be messy, requiring resilient plumbing systems to prevent frequent clogs. Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service offers grease trap installation and cleaning services to local businesses in Decatur, IL to prevent sewer overflows, fires, and other hazards caused by grease. Keep reading to learn more about grease traps and why your business needs one!

What Is a Grease Trap?

A grease trap is a modern device installed within your plumbing system to separate grease and other fatty waste from water. For commercial restaurants or food service locations, products containing fats and oils constantly come into contact with your drains. From washing your hands to mopping up a spill on the floor, grease traps are necessary to prevent drain clogs and damage to your plumbing system. Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service installs and cleans grease traps for commercial businesses in Decatur, IL.

What Kinds of Businesses Need a Grease Trap?

If you own a business that utilizes a kitchen, prepares food, or manufacturers products that contain fats and oils, grease traps are a must-have. From restaurants and factories to catering companies and universities, grease traps are a preventative maintenance necessity that protects your plumbing pipes and employees. If you are starting a business or becoming a leader in the industry, speak with our team at Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service in Decatur, IL to ensure your business supplies grease traps that are regularly cleaned. For grease trap cleaning services, contact our team to schedule an immediate visit.

Where Do Grease Traps Need to be Installed?

Several areas of your restaurant or food storage facility require grease traps to be installed. Any location prone to grease buildups, such as floor drains, sinks, food prep areas, and automatic hood washers, are typical places our clients request grease trap installation. Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service has been one of the leading experts in commercial sewer maintenance and cleaning services for over 50 years in central IL. To avoid long-term issues with your plumbing system, it’s important to install as many grease traps as possible to prevent grime buildup. Not sure how many you need for your kitchen? Contact one of our experts in Decatur, IL.

How Often Do I Need to Clean My Grease Traps?

Your business’ grease traps fill up fast, especially if you own a restaurant or areas where food is stored. The more grease accumulates, the less effective your pipes will be in preventing grime buildup. Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service in Decatur, IL offers commercial grease trap cleaning to remove such waste from your property. To ensure the efficiency of your grease trap, it’s best to have it cleaned regularly every 1-3 months to prevent an overflow of buildup. Too much grease can become a fire hazard and can pose a threat to your employees and business. Give us a call at 217.428.3066 to schedule your routine grease trap cleaning.

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