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Three Ways to Keep Things Flushing Smoothly This Summer

When you want the best service for your home’s plumbing, you should hire Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service, the #1 choice for sewer service in Decatur, Illinois for over 65 years. When a problem arises, you know whom to call for exceptional service. We also want to help you prevent plumbing issues from happening in the first place, so follow these three tips to keep things flushing smoothly this summer. These tips will help you take the best care of your system and avoid unnecessary expenses. We always have your home’s best interest in mind.

Preventative Maintenance

We advise investing in appropriate preventative maintenance services for your septic tank to make sure it is healthy and continuing to function properly. Regular maintenance will also help prevent future problems from arising and save you money on needless repairs. The job of the healthy bacteria in your tank is to break down the solid waste, but a layer of sludge will still accumulate and will need to be cleaned out at least every 2-3 years. If you’re not on a septic system, look into maintenance services for your pipes and drain lines. When you need professional help, you know who to call.

Be Careful of What You Are Flushing

As a homeowner, you need to be aware of what you should not flush down your toilet, and also make sure the rest of your household understands the rules as well. The list of items to keep out of your toilets includes baby wipes, feminine products, tampons, paint or chemicals, grease, paper towels, napkins, trash, and non-toilet paper products. This will help you avoid clogs and backups in your system, which will allow it to function longer. If you do experience a problem with your plumbing, contact our experts at Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service.

Say No to DIY Fixes & Overdependence on Your Garbage Disposal

As experts in the plumbing field, we can advise you from our years of experience, so believe us when we say it’s often better to invest in the services of a professional. Do not try to do a quick fix yourself. That will likely end in making the situation worse and then you’ll need to contact a professional plumber anyway. Save yourself the time and stress and call us first. Many online DIY tips are not helpful or recommended by the experts. We also advise against an overdependence on your garbage disposal. Using it too often will increase the number of solid wastes in your septic tank, which will only lead to its failure. For professional septic and sewer services, Riley’s is here for you.

Contact Us if You Need Professional Service

To ensure your septic system and drain lines remain open and free from clogs, remember the three most important guidelines: invest in professional preventative maintenance, avoid flushing harmful objects, and don’t use your garbage disposal too often. If you follow these tips, your plumbing should remain healthy and continue to function for years to come. Problems can always arise, however, so be sure to have the number of a plumbing professional to assist you—like ours: 217.428.3066. We’re here to help 24/7, all summer long.

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