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Helpful Drain, Sewer & Septic Tips

Small trees in a flooded residential yard in Decatur, IL—puddles like this could be a sign of a sewer line clog.
Clogged Sewer Drain

How to Detect a Sewer Line Clog

Most homeowners don’t think twice about their septic system or sewer line. However, this is an important part of your plumbing system, and a clog can

Water supply system in a sewer well overflowing on a residential road in Decatur, IL.

4 Ways to Prevent a Drain Line Backup

For homeowners, backed-up sewers can cause thousands of dollars in damage to their home’s floors, walls, electrical systems, furniture, and other possessions, some of which

Plumber unclogging toilet with professional force pump cleaner at a home in Decatur, IL.

3 Ways to Avoid a Septic Tank Backup

If you’re a homeowner, you want to ensure all your systems operate smoothly, especially your septic system. The last thing you want is your septic