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Four commercial grease trap containers that are dirty and need to be cleaned by a professional sewer company in Decatur, IL.

Grease Trap Maintenance Dos & Don’ts

From restaurants to schools, grease traps are a key component that keeps the kitchens of many businesses across Decatur, IL running smoothly. Unfortunately, these essential components can be worn down and rendered inefficient with the wrong kind of care. 

Understanding how to protect and maintain your grease trap is essential for avoiding costly repairs later on. In this article, we’ll explain all the best methods you can apply to take care of your grease traps — and what damaging practices you should never do.

Do: Maintain Your Grease Trap On A Regular Basis

One of the best things you can do to save money is to have your grease trap professionally cleaned on a regular basis. This might seem counterintuitive since each service will end up costing your business a small amount. In the long run, however, having your grease traps cleaned every three months will cost significantly less than dealing with a costly repair later on.

Don’t: Expand Your Business And Use The Same Old Grease Trap

As businesses expand, the fact that the grease trap has a limited capacity often goes unnoticed by business owners and managers. Unfortunately, there is a limit to how much a small grease trap can do. If the grease trap is being put to work above its rating, it might be time to give your system an upgrade. 

Do: Have Your Grease Traps Installed Properly

There’s a huge assortment of businesses across Decatur, IL that claim to have expertise in services like septic system installation and sewer cleaning. If you want to have the best experience with your grease traps, however, you need to look for a company with a real reputation for quality. There are no businesses that locals trust more for services like sewer repair or grease trap installation than Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service.

Don’t: Dispose Of Food Or Trash Down The Drain

One of the most important and simple things you can do to keep your grease trap functioning properly is to educate your employees. Food, grease, and trash should never be disposed of through the sink. Using a proper method of disposal will put significantly less strain on your grease trap and ultimately save you from dealing with a severe backup or clog later on.

Do: Work With The Professionals

The difference that working with professional plumbers makes can’t be understated. Working with a reputable company like Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service might be a bigger investment at first, but you’ll ultimately save yourself an unfathomable amount of time and money by preventing plumbing disasters in the long run.

Don’t: Use Solvents To Try To Clean Your Grease Trap

If you notice that your grease trap seems to be blocked up or that your sinks just aren’t draining properly, it might be tempting to use harsh solvents or even just boiling water to clear the situation up. Unfortunately, this approach won’t work. It actually has the potential to cause severe damage to your grease trap and septic system. If you suspect there might be a blockage it’s time to call the experts for a cleaning service.

Rely On The Experts For Septic Maintenance

If you’re having issues with your plumbing, you can rely on the experts at Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service to make keeping up with chores like septic maintenance and sewer repair much easier. We have years of experience providing leading plumbing solutions to homes across Decatur, IL, and we’re happy to provide the same incredible service to you. No matter if you need a septic system installation or sewer cleaning, we’re prepared to help. If you’re ready to see how working with our team at Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service can make septic maintenance easier, please feel welcome to call one of our friendly team members or submit a message through our online contact form today.

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