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Decatur, Illinois: What to Expect During a Drain Cleaning Service

If you’ve never had a professional drain cleaning service at your home, you should be prepared before the technician arrives. While this is a very common service and the process is straightforward, many homeowners don’t realize that their entire plumbing system will come to a halt for a short amount of time. To have an idea of what to expect from your plumber, call Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service at (217) 428-3066 and read below to learn more!

Know Your Home’s History

Before making the call to your professional plumber, make sure that you have a pretty good idea of the history of your home’s plumbing system. Our certified Riley’s technician will ask you a series of questions, like whether you’ve had these drainage issues before or if you have ever had pipes fixed or replaced in the past. These questions give professionals an idea of what shape your plumbing system is in and allows them to decide what type of cleaning method is appropriate.

Plumber using yellow rubber gloves to clean clogged drain with hair in kitchen or bathroom sinkPreparation & Precautions

It’s no secret that cleaning a drain can be a dirty job, that’s why your certified plumber will go through specific preparations and precautions to avoid any harmful germs or bacteria living in your drains. Many plumbers use plastic shoe coverings in case your drain has overflowed onto the floor, but a majority will wear both a mask and protective rubber gloves to ensure the utmost safety while cleaning your drains. Your technician will most likely identify the cause of the clogged or dirty drain before going out to their vehicle to grab additional tools, so expect a few trips outside before they really begin cleaning.

The Cleaning Process

Finally, the cleaning process! How exactly is your certified plumber going to clean your drain? One of the most common drain cleaning methods is a technique called hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is done using a combination of specialty hoses, drain snakes, and boiling hot water to break up any bacteria or blockages that may be restricting your drain’s water flow. This process can last up to a couple of hours depending on the state of your drains.

Plumber using a sink siphon for a clogged drain in modern residential bathroomDouble Checking

At Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service, we pride ourselves on doing all jobs professionally and with the highest of quality. After every residential drain cleaning, we always conduct a second after cleaning inspection to ensure that any buildup or blockages were cleared out and that no damage has been done to your plumbing pipes. This is done using a small camera to inspect the walls of your plumbing system quickly and efficiently.

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