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Decatur Illinois: The Best Toilet Paper for Your Plumbing System

Clogged toilets are a pain to say the least. Have you ever considered your toilet paper to be a culprit in these unsanitary occurrences? Homeowners are shocked to find out that their expensive 3-ply toilet paper is actually damaging their plumbing system. Although all toilet paper brands are meant to break down fairly quickly when flushed into your sewer system, some brands take longer to dissolve, logging clumps in the pipes of your plumbing. That’s why we have put together a list of the best toilet paper options on the market to keep your plumbing system working properly.

Angel Soft

Coming in at the #1 best toilet paper brand for your plumbing system is Angel Soft. When placed in multiple toilet paper tests, Angel Soft ranked first in performance for the time it took to completely disintegrate in a cup of water. It was almost impossible to scoop out as each piece was almost microscopic in a matter of minutes. This is an excellent choice for homeowners that can’t get enough of a soft 2-ply toilet paper option, and it has a very low risk of damaging your plumbing system over time.

Person in white tiled bathroom unraveling 2-ply toilet paper on a silver holderScott 1,000

As far as 1-ply options go, Scott 1000 came in first for its unbelievable ability to break down faster than any other 1-ply brand on the market. Within 15 minutes the Scott 1000 sample was completely disintegrated into microscopic shards, making it a perfect option for your toilet’s plumbing system. If you’re hesitant to step away from the luxury of a 2-ply toilet paper, it was proven that even using 3 times the amount of Scott 1000 compared to an average amount of Angel Soft, it still broke down much faster. So, if you’re okay with using a little extra plush to spare your plumbing pipes, Scott 1000 is the way to go.

Charmin Ultra Soft

If you can’t help but love that cozy bear family sponsoring their ultra-soft, premium toilet paper in hundreds of TV commercials, you may not love the impact it can have on your plumbing system. In a test alongside Angel Soft and Scott 1000, Charmin Ultra Soft took quite a bit longer to break down than any other brand. However, if you use the recommended amount of paper with every use, your plumbing system will break it down at an average rate.

Aria Premium

Organic 1-ply toilet paper in a grassy field with yellow flowersYou may have never heard of Aria Premium toilet paper before, but they are one of the leading eco-friendly brands on the market. You can normally find a standard set of 12 rolls on Amazon or their current website for a someone reasonable price as far as fancy toilet paper goes. For $40 a bundle, you get a toilet paper designed with more than 52% plant based and recycled products, not to mention Aria plants a tree for every tree used in the crafting process. In a toilet paper test, Aria broke down exceptionally fast even though it appears to be thicker and stronger than a normal 2-ply roll. All in all, Aria is a great product for your plumbing system and for helping to save the environment.

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