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Woman in modern kitchen or bathroom cleaning drainpipe and creating damage.

Decatur Illinois: DIY Drain Cleaning and Why It Can Be A Bad Idea

We get it, there’s nothing more satisfying than trying that new DIY project you have just seen in a video on social media. While doing DIY slime and home decoration activities are extremely satisfying, doing your DIY drain cleaning is not an effective way to properly unclog your drain or improve the quality of your pipes. In fact, it can cause more damage than you anticipated. Read below to find out why DIY drain cleaning is a bad idea and what else you could do to properly clean your dirty drains.

Chemical Solutions Can Make It Worse

You’re probably asking, why would they create products to pour down the drain if it will just make the matter worse? It’s not that these chemicals will immediately destroy your drainpipes, but that over time, these solutions only provide a temporary fix to usually a much bigger issue.

The acids in these store-bought chemicals eat through just enough of the blockage to push water through, making it seem that the issue is taken care of, just for it to happen again a few weeks later. If you continue this cycle, over time, your pipes will eventually begin to deteriorate, and much bigger issues can arise.

You Can Damage the Pipes

Woman with pink rubber gloves calling plumbing service from leaking drain pipe in bathroom or kitchen.

Another hazardous store-bought item is the drain snake, a long thin piece of metal attached to a loop that digs into your pipes enough to where it is meant to remove any potential grime or blockages. While you may have seen a plumber use this tool to clean a drain, doing it yourself without any experience can be a recipe for disaster. It’s very common for homeowners to cause cracks or even burst an entire pipe trying to jam the drain snake into their kitchen and bathroom pipes. Instead of potentially causing damage to your pipes, call a professional plumber to conduct a certified drain cleaning.

It Might Take Longer Than You Think

It may seem like grabbing a bottle of chemical solution and a drain snake will be enough to clean your drain, you never know how serious the issue is until you start working on it. A project that you thought would only take 15 minutes at most, can turn into a few hours of back-breaking labor as you try to erase years of grime off the sides of your pipes. Let’s face it, only a professional plumber has the proper tools and equipment to accurately clean your drains.

So What Can You Do?

Professional plumber helping homeowner fix and clean dirty drainpipe in a modern white kitchen.

There are a few things you can do from home to ensure that your kitchen drain continues working properly. Avoid pouring any grease, oils, or fats down the drain. We know it can be tempting to pour those leftovers in the sink and grind them up, but over time, those forgotten meals will turn into sludge that hardens to the walls of your pipes and eventually repeats the clogging cycle. If you accidentally poured grease down the drain, don’t worry, heat a pot of boiling water and that should wash a majority of it away before it has time to harden.

Taking care of your drains is important to the longevity of your home’s plumbing system. Stray away from DIY drain cleaning and leave it to the professionals at Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service! Contact your local drain cleaning experts through the website or call (217) 428-3066 today.

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