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Common Sewer Backup Causes & Quick Fixes

Sewer backups are a septic system nightmare. Any time there is potential for sewage to start coming out of the plumbing meant to drain it is time to bring out a local company dedicated to plumbing system repairs and maintenance. Going with a professional team means the problem is fixed the right way on the first try, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to address a plumbing repair even if it’s a short-term solution.

Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service is Decatur, Illinois’ go-to plumbing and septic repair company, and our team has put together the most common sewer line backups they’ve seen and how you can help combat the problem until help arrives.

Clogs Are the Most Common Culprit

A top view of a toilet clogged with toilet paper and requiring professional plumbing maintenance and repair services in Decatur, IL.

The drainage system that takes wastewater out of the house can handle hundreds of gallons of water every day. Having so much use means clogs are bound to happen as foreign objects aren’t meant to be processed through the plumbing. Hair, hygiene wipes, grease, floss, and other bathroom items can all cause clogs. If possible, remove the blockage from the sink or toilet bowl. Taking a plunger or liquid drain cleaner to the drain in question can also help tackle clogs you can’t reach.

Sewer Main Clogs Impact Every Drain

Having a clogged sink that needs a clump of hair removed will only cause that one sink to back up. When a sewer main is blocked, any connected drain will stop working and flooding can start happening throughout the house. These clogs can take a toll on entire blocks and neighborhoods that rely on the city’s sewers. When this happens, you must turn off as many utilities that utilize water as possible to minimize flooding and excess strain on the system.

Nature Can Cause Trouble Too

A drain cleaning tool pulling tree roots from a clogged drain at a residential home in Decatur, IL requiring professional maintenance.

When developing and building new structures in Decatur, surveyors check the surrounding area for concerning aspects of impact on the local flora and fauna. Even the most careful planning can run into conflicts of interest between the septic system and mother nature. Tree roots are the primary problem as they can find their way into the pipes and lines or even wrap around and crush them. Hand-powered augers can help break up tree root blockages that have just begun with more severe clogs needing professional help which is where Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service comes in.

Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service has a team of Decatur locals meaning we know and understand the city’s sewer line distribution and can help pinpoint where the problem is to make sure it can be brought to the attention of the city’s utility department. If you’re experiencing plumbing troubles, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 217.428.3066, and get the problem taken care of.

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