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3 Ways to Avoid a Septic Tank Backup

If you’re a homeowner, you want to ensure all your systems operate smoothly, especially your septic system. The last thing you want is your septic tank to backup and cause problems in your home. Luckily, there are several ways to avoid that scenario happening. First, consult with a local expert like the plumbers at Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service in Decatur, IL, to learn more about properly caring for your septic system and keeping it running for years.

Don’t Flush Certain Things Down the Toilet

To take the best care of your plumbing system, you must ensure you don’t create problematic backup situations by flushing certain items that should not go down the toilet. Examples include wipes, paper towels, and feminine products. The toilet is designed to flush waste and toilet paper, so if you want to avoid clogs and backups, be sure only to flush what is appropriate and tell your family and guests to use the trash can for everything else. If your toilet is experiencing any problems, be sure to call a licensed plumber right away. Don’t wait for the issue to worsen—call Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service at 217.428.3066 now!

Be Careful What You Put Down in the Kitchen Sink

In addition to monitoring your toilet, you must be mindful of what you put down the kitchen sink. Even if you have a garbage disposal, you cannot and should not use it for everything. Some items can still clog your drain. Grease is important to avoid, but you should also steer clear of coffee grounds, paint, pasta, bones, nuts, eggshells, and cleaning chemicals. Also, please dispose of trash in the trash can. If you treat your septic system respectfully and use it as intended, it should continue to serve you for a long time.

Use a Septic System Additive to Treat a Backup

If you want to keep your septic system healthy and running properly throughout the year, consider applying an additive with natural bacteria to break down solid waste in your septic tank. This will help prevent your tank from getting backed up or clogged. We recommend finding an effective and easy additive—most will involve flushing one packet each month to protect your system. If an additive isn’t helping, your system may already be backed up. In that case, please call the experts at Riley’s Decatur Sewer Service for our excellent sewer services. We’ll restore your system in no time.

Pump Your Septic Tank Before Large Gatherings

One last piece of advice: if you are planning a large gathering and expecting many guests, you should ensure your home is prepared to handle the needs of all the additional people. This means the bathrooms are going to be used much more often. If your septic tank is less than 1,000 gallons, your risk of experiencing backup increases with the higher water usage. It is a good idea to call a plumber ahead of time and have your septic tank pumped a week or so before your guests are due to arrive. This helps ensure that your system will continue to function correctly. Contact our team today to schedule our services!

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